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As-salamu alaikum 

("Peace be with you")

Al-Falaq Photography's mission is to provide an Artisan Muslim Photography Service with an Islamic Centre for Teaching and Learning (ICTL) to help both non Muslims and Muslims alike to gain a deeper understanding of Islam.

above: See the #photographs from the Stop Arming Israel Protest here!

Our aim is to help people enhance their relationship with God and achieve a greater expression of faith through our resources designed to assist learning while giving "tips" for people wanting to learn the Arabic Language!

To build social capital, highlight issues of importance to Muslims and engage in community development, Al-Falaq Photography's Archives include Free Photos captured at the not for profit, Volunteer or Grassroots Events we attend. Check out our Photo Archives here where you can see our Event Galleries.

Please note, we do not do candid photography at rallies or public events as we know it is important to obtain appropriate consent and our editing process smudges out the faces of background people to protect privacy.

Al-Falaq Photography is brought to you by CADT Photography. CADT Photography, Est. by James Rendell in 1998, is a Family Owned and Operated Art Studio with an Interest in Health Policy, Culture and Community Development. The CADT website is at www.caer-awen.org 

See our Photo Guide above for information about our commissions for portraits for Families and Individuals plus Parties and Events for Businesses and Community groups. 

We're not for profit in orientation. Any fees we receive for our photography services go to maintaining our websites and providing our News and Community Events Photography. We're hoping to purchase a new camera before the end of the World, so get out your cheque books today! 

Don't forget, James has a Blue Check Mark on X formerly Twitter so follow him @JamesRendell17 to keep up to date with the latest news, views and current events. Use the Contact Us Form above if you want to be on our information mail list so you know when we publish new event photographs etc. 

Above: Al-Quds in the 1900s

The Shahada

The Shahada is the cornerstone of Islam and is the invocation recited when one becomes a Muslim. 

We hope you enjoy your visit here today and Remember to Keep Smiling!

As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh ("May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you")